A12621 - 英國直送Giggly Tots Pacifier Holder Bib



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The Pacifier Holder allows baby to safely retrieve the pacifier when it falls out, reducing the need for parental intervention. It will also help baby improve their sucking technique so that the pacifier does not fall out from baby’s mouth anymore.


Our product is currently undergoing a Utility Patent application under No. GB2305690.6. Additionally, we have been granted Patent Design GB 6322562. Certified by OEKO-TEX 100 and GOTS, our product adheres to British and US Safety Standards, having undergone rigorous safety testing at SGS Laboratories.


Available for purchase online through our dedicated website in the UK and via the Amazon FBA Marketplace in both the USA and the UK, we have aspirations for expansion into Canada, Australia, and Western European countries in the near future.


 One size (suitable for babies +1 month)